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Free Restorative Justice Resources

The key RJ4All resources are:

All of the resources available on RJ4All are free to download provided that they are for non-commercial use. We believe that the free dissemination of information is the best way to promote debate, development and cohesion in restorative justice thinking. So, whether you are a student doing research, an academic or a member of the public who wants to learn about what restorative justice is and how it can benefit victims, offenders and the community, please feel free to use our resources. We only ask that you join RJ4All beforehand, so that we can monitor how popular resources are and improve our service.

Please share these resources with your friends, colleagues and students. The public often misunderstands restorative justice and we believe that the more we increase the knowledge around it, the more people will see its benefits. There are Facebook, Twitter and other ‘share’ buttons on each page, so it really is simple to spread the word and share our free resources! We also have a Facebook page Restorative Justice for All - RJ4All

We also welcome suggestions for content, whether they are documents, videos or press articles. If you have any recommendations please contact us, so that we can make the library as valuable a resource as possible.