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Date published Type Title Author Description
November, 2016 Book review Book review of Umbreit & Armour (2011), Restorative Justice Dialogue: An Essential Guide for Research and Practice Natasha Teresa Jolly

“Restorative Justice Dialogue: An Essential Guide to Research and Practice is a book that lives up to its title. For both lay reader and academic scholar alike, it serves as a much needed foundational reader on the past, present and future of restorative practices, especially interpersonal dialogic processes”

August, 2016 Book review Book Review of Pamment, N. (2016), Community Reparation for Young Offenders: Perceptions, Policy and Practice. Vasso Artinopoulou

"...The model suggested by Nicholas Pamment is really very useful and operational, as to what works and how it works in the delivery of the unpaid work in the community. This evidence-based model is open to be tested in other national or community settings and challenges the comparativeness in youth offenders’ treatment."

July, 2016 Book review Book Review of Walters, M.A (2014), Hate crime and Restorative Justice. Theo Gavrielides

"..the book is a must read for anyone with an interest in dialogue based approaches to conflicts with a power element. ... This book presents original findings while combining them with the limited literature on the matter to alert reformists that restorative justice is not easy, and that appropriate training, safeguards and processes must be in place."

October, 2015 Book review Book review of Barabas, T., Fellegi, B., Windt, S., (Eds.) (2012). Responsibility-taking, Relationship building, and Restoration in Prisons Iro Michael

"This volume is an important contribution to the wider research field of RJ. The topics which are presented, are evidence-based and provide useful information for those interested in learning about or researching RJ within the Criminal Justice System and its implementation in correctional settings."

August, 2015 Book review Book review of Johnson, K. (2014), Unbroken Circles for Schools: Restoring Schools One Conflict at a Time Vasso Artinopoulou

"That’s exactly what this book is: a free, democratic voice of addressing the pathologies of the current US reality, criticizing the systems’ logic and functions, and suggesting a flexible school program that may lead to change the punitive attitudes and the stereotypes of how we perceive and deal with the conflicts in school settings.  And this is done in a very successful way."