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Date published Type Title Author Description
June, 2014 Book review Book review of Ptacek, J. (2010). Restorative Justice and Violence Against Women Theo Gavrielides

"The book is timely and highly recommended. It provides excellent value for money and constitutes a real contribution to the limited literature on restorative justice with violence against women, which continues to be a grey research area." (Gavrielides, 2014)

May, 2014 Article Restorative Justice & the Principles of the Rule of Law Maximiliano Portales, Samantha Perussich

"This article explores the principles of restorative justice within the traditional criminal justice system. It focuses on the rule of law as the foundation of a constitutional democratic state and how restorative justice as a means of collaborative conflict resolution finds its legitimacy within that system...."

April, 2014 Article The Effect of Information on Public Attitudes Towards Restorative Justice Conferencing Holly Blackmore

"This research examines the impact of information on public attitudes towards restorative justice conferencing and explores whether attitudes are affected by the perspective in which information is presented...."

January, 2014 Book review Review of Wachtel, Ted. (2013). Dreaming of a New Reality. Michael Kearns

"Ted Wachtel is inspirational and this book consolidates 30 years of building his dream of better living for all of us." (Kearns, 2014)

September, 2013 Article Domestic Violence and Mediation in Greece: Findings from the implementation of the restorative procedure Angelika Pitsela, Theofili Chatzispyrou

"In the present article ... the application of restorative justice measures in cases of domestic violence is being discussed, while the findings of recent research in the State’s Prosecutor’s Office in Thessaloniki regarding the procedure of mediation in Greece are presented and analyzed."