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Date published Type Title Author Description
September, 2013 Book review Review of Christy Anthony (2013) The Little Book of Restorative Justice for Colleges and Universities: Repairing Harm and Rebuilding Trust in Response to Student Misconduct. Christy Anthony

Dr. David Karp’s new book (The Little Book of Restorative Justice of Colleges and Universities: Repairing Harm and Rebuilding Trust in Response to Student Misconduct) is the latest in the Little Books of Justice and Peacebuilding series on restorative practices and answers to many of the needs for campus officials considering restorative justice.

August, 2013 Book review Review of Gavrielides, T.(2012) Rights & Restoration within Youth Justice. Judah Oudshoorn

Review on the book 'Rights and Restoration within Youth Justice' of T. Gavrielides.The book It makes an important contribution to youth justice. 1) It bridges a growing divide between evidence-based research and practice; 2) It promotes a participatory framework for doing democracy that necessitates youth voice; 3) It allows for complex issues – serious crimes, like domestic violence – to be responded to in complex – imaginative yet careful – ways.

May, 2013 Article Talks Behind the Walls: Restorative Encounters in Prison Settings Dóra Szegő and Borbala Fellegi

''The goal of this experiment is to explore the conditions under which good and adaptable practises can be implemented, especially concerning how to involve affected parties in RJ encounters, prepare and run conferences, and do effective follow-ups in the prison setting.'' (Szegő and Fellegi, 2013)

March, 2013 Article Restorative Justice in Nigeria? Lessons from talking to Nigerian Criminal Justice Professionals Don John O. Omale

"The author interviewed seventy seven (N=77) criminal justice professionals in Nigeria which include: the police, prosecutors, lawyers, magistrates, judges, and prison officers who are strategic professionals in the administration of criminal justice. The aim is to investigate their opinions with regards to acceptability of restorative justice in the Nigerian Criminal Justice System." (Omale, 2013)

February, 2013 Article The Promises and Pitfalls of Restorative Justice for Intimate Partner Violence. Anne Hayden

"This research paper discusses the implications of using restorative justice (RJ) for intimate partner violence (IPV). ... The largely qualitative study presents comments from stakeholders whose voices are seldom heard on this subject, namely victims and perpetrators of IPV, as well as key informants working in the field." (Hayden, 2013)