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International Symposia on Restorative Justice

The "International Symposia on Restorative Justice" were established by Professors Gavrielides and Artinopoulou as a groundbreaking methodology in pushing the scientific barriers of restorative justice. The Symposia were created to challenge current models of research and academic thought, influence European and international policy and bring together key names in the field to network and share best practice. Modelled after the ancient Greek way of debate, and founded upon the universal values of friendship, mutual respect, freedom of thought and academia, the Skopelos Symposia are a unique way of pushing the barriers for restorative justice. They are held in the Greek island of Skopelos every two years and last for approximately one week.

The First International Symposium was held 2-7 June 2012. It focused on restorative justice and human rights and was supported by IARS' Restorative Justice Research Network Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences and the Hellenic Social Mediation Centre in Greece.  To find out more including the symposium programme, our sponsors, delegates' biographies and paper abstracts please click hereTo read what others said about the Symposium click here.  The Symposium led to the Ashgate publication of "Reconstructing Restorative Justice Philosophy".


‘No one will be able to read this book without wishing they were there for the journey that gave it birth. Rich outcomes are enabled by richness of process. This book succeeds in drawing us into the journey of its travelers and is a grand exercise in critical retrieval, revival, renewal of those teachings, ancient and recent. There is a great, enduring core of restorative justice teachings that has an increasingly global quality about it. This fine collection helps us renew and reconstruct the core of restorative justice teachings at their holistic philosophical foundations while also helping us to look at them with wider historical and cultural lenses. John Braithwaite, Australian National University, Australia


The Second International Symposium on Restorative Justice was held 22-27 June 2014. The topics revolved around race equality and power.  25 academics and practitioners from around the word came together for the symposium. We strongly believe that our symposium methodology allowed for the exchange of ideas and experiences that contributed to bridging a gap in restorative justice and race equality issues including xenophobia and hate crimes, in academia, research and policy areas internationally.  The Institute is already engaged in an international project on "Race and Restorative Justice" and it follows on from the work of the 4th US National Restorative Justice conference that was held in Toledo in June 2013. The US conference was organised by the US based National Association of Community and Restorative Justice which is one of our International Associates and is represented on the Symposium organising committee. To see photos from the Symposium please follow this link.


The 3rd International Symposium on Restorative Justice under the theme "Disciplining and Taking Restorative Justice Forward: From Research & Theory to International Policy & Practice" was held 17-24 June 2016, in Skopelos, Greece. Leading scholars and international experts from a range of disciplines came together to debate in a Greek Symposium method the issue of moving restorative justice beyond theory and research to international policy and practice within the framework of the global economic crisis, by addressing justice issues as these are impacted by the world’s financial, moral and social crises.


The Symposia allow each delegate to have a debate in whatever format they prefer. Meetings take place on beaches, monasteries, ancient grounds and on the top of mountains. The final outputs of the Symposia include book and article publications, series of webinars using the delegates’ presentations, etc. All information are made available through the RJ4All website.

!!The next Symposium will be held in 2018!! To express an interest in the next Symposium please contact Symposium Secretariat

This event is unfunded and run on our Institute's non-profit principle. Individuals or organisations with an interest to sponsor or support this international initiative should get in touch with the Co Directors Dr. Theo Gavrielides and Prof. Vasso Artinopoulou to discuss the details and the available packages