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Second International Restorative Justice Symposium: Race and Power

The 2nd International Symposium on Restorative Justice under the theme "Race and Power" was held on 22-27 June, in Skopelos, Greece under the auspices of the Restorative Justice for All Institute (RJ4All). The event built upon the successful model of the 1st International Symposium on Restorative Justice, which took place in 2012 and had the format of an ancient Greek symposium allowing in-depth discussion that were later published as Gavrielides, T. and Artinopoulou, V. (2013)  "Reconstructing Restorative Justice Philosophy, Ashgate Publishing: Furnam, UK". To see photos from the 2012 symposium please follow this link.

This year, 25 academics and practitioners who are international leaders in the fields of race equality, restorative justice and criminal justice came together to debate in a Greek Symposium method what needs to be done about race inequality and power imbalances in our modern societies. 10 countries were represented raising issues around indigenous, aboriginal, migrant, refugee and black and minority ethnic communities; exploring new avenues in dealing with the issue of power structures within society, racism and the growing levels of violence and xenophobia locally, nationally and internationally.This was a special 7 day highly scientific event structured around the values of friendship, respect, academic rigour and confidentiality. 

The Symposium methodology allowed the exchange of ideas and experiences that helped bridge a gap in restorative justice and race equality issues including xenophobia and hate crimes, in academia, research and policy areas internationally. The Institute is already engaged in an international project on  "Race and Restorative Justice" and it follows on from the work of the 4th US National Restorative Justice conference that was held in Toledo in June 2013. The US conference was organised by the US based National Association of Community and Restorative Justice which is one of our International Associates and is represented on the Symposium organising committee.

Professors Gavrielides and Artinopoulou, organisers of the Symposium and co-Directors of RJ4All said:

“After spending a week with some of the world’s biggest hearts and minds in the fields of restorative justice and race, we feel overwhelmed with ideas and feelings of friendship and hope. The world economic crisis and the fear of the other have clearly exacerbated power imbalances in our societies. Restorative justice has a role to play as power sharing and dialogue based ethos. We look forward to following up the findings of our Symposium through our Institute’s publications and seminars”.

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Organisers - Symposiarchs


  • Prof. Mara Schiff, Florida Atlantic University, USA
  • Dr. Marelize Schoeman, University of South Africa, South Africa
  • Dr. Evelyn Zellerer, Founder, Peace of the Circle & Professor - Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada
  • Prof. Judy Atkinson, Emeritus Professor, Southern Cross University, Australia
  • Prof. Maria Hadjipavlou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
  • Prof. David Karp, Professor of Sociology, Skidmore College, New York, USA
  • Prof. Giusseppe Maglione, Professor of History of Law, University of Florence, Italy
  • Dr Elaine Shpungin Director of the UIUC Psychological Services Centre, USA.
  • Michael Kearns, Restorative Justice Facilitator, UK
  • Dr. June Terpstra, PhD, NEIU Justice Studies, Columbia College Chicago, USA
  • Dr. Mark Walters, Lecturer in Law, School of Law, Politics and Sociology, University of Sussex, UK
  • Anita Wadhwa, Restorative Justice and Intervention Coordinator, Spring Branch, Academy of Choice, USA
  • Simon Fulford, CEO Khulisha UK, UK
  • Paula Kaldis, Professor of Law, Assistant Dean Massachusetts School of Law, USA
  • Prof. Margaret Greenfields, Professor of Social Policy - Community Engagement, Buckinghamshire New University, UK
  • John McDonald, Director of Proactive Solutions, Australia
  • Jannet Brown, Head of Equalities, London Probation Trust, UK
  • Dr. Hema Hargovan, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Dr. Mikhail Lyubansky, Department of Psychology University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
  • Dr. Andrea Parosanou, Lecturer, Germany
  • Dr. Irene Etzersdorfer, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
  • Maryna Cotton, University of South Africa, South Africa
  • Robert Posner, CEO Anne Frank Trust, UK

Please follow the link to read delegates' biographies.


The organizations below kindly sponsored and supported the 2nd International Symposium on Restorative Justice.

Municipality of Skopelos – Δήμος Σκοπέλου

Hellenic Republic- Ministry of Culture and Sports

IΓ’ Εphorate of Prehistoric and Classical - Antiquities (Volos)

Nomiki Vivliothiki

Ashgate Publishing

Spyrou Hotels & Companies

Photogramma Ltd -  Cyprus

Bluemelody Apartments

Dolphin of Skopelos Agency

Episkopi Skopelou – Skopelos Town    

Perivoli Restaurant – Skopelos Town                                                                                      

Mojito Beach bar – Panormos beach                                     

“The Muses” Restaurant – Skopelos Town

“O Gialos” Restaurant – Skopelos Town

Korali Restaurant – Agnontas Skopelos

Anna’s Restaurant – Upper Skopelos Town

“Molos” Restaurant  - Old Port, Skopelos Town

Byzantine Monastery of Santa Barbara – Skopelos

Panagia Leivadiotissa – Skopelos Town