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Restorative Justice & Street Group Violence

This is an internationalresearch and policy project looking at the potential of restorative justice with "street group violence" such as riots. Through qualitative research analysispolicy development and campaigning, the project aims to explore alternative ways that can genuinely engage group offenders in helping to address the harm caused to group victims. The project is led by Professor Theo Gavrielides, RJ4All Founder, and is conducted with RJ4All partner the Centre for Restorative Justice at Simon Fraser University.

There is a growing body of literature on the failings of imprisonment as a response to crime (e.g., Duff 1992; Bitel and Edgar 1998; Hagel 2005; Knuutila 2010). Local restorative justice practitioners, policy makers, business leaders, police, justice officials, municipal and provincial politicians and individuals impacted by the riots are now actively discussing implementing restorative justice in response to the June 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup and August 2011 England riots, and more broadly throughout the justice system. Victims, communities and the public seek holistic solutions and alternatives.

To find out more about restorative justice, click through below to watch a lecture by Dr Theo Gavrielides, or download the presentation here 






As part of the project, RJ4All is pleased to announce the publication of the ground breaking book Gavrielides, T. (2012). Waves of Healing: Using Restorative Justice with Street Group Violence, London: IARSISBN 978-1-907641-10-7 This book forms part of this project.

To view a sample copy of the book, including the introduction, foreword, preface, table of contents and appendices please click here.


Further Project Resources

Dr. Theo Gavrielides was in Vancouver, Canada from May 5th - 12th 2012, to promote IARS work on the application of restorative justice in response to the riots in Vancouver and London. The activities are based on a joint IARS - Simon Fraser University research project on restorative justice and street group violence. There, he also launched his new book "Rights and Restoration Within Youth Justice.

Dr. Gavrielides was invited by the Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University as the Welch Community Award winner and speaker. His presentation on restorative justice and riots can be downloaded from here 

To watch Gavrielides' lecture on Restorative Justice & Riots click here Dr. Gavrielides had interviews with or was mentioned in the following media outlets:

Dr. Gavrielides spoke at the following events:

  • On Wed 9th May - Keynote speaker at the Restore Vancouver Dinner Dialogue organised by theVancouver Association of Restorative Justice. The theme of the event was Restorative Justice and Riots. Approximately 65 participants attended, including the Downtown Vancouver Business Association, the Downtown Business Improvement Association, Greater Vancouver Compassion Network, high school youth and NGOs, policy makers, the police board and first nations.

During the week Dr. Gavrielides also took part in a number of important meetings, including: