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Our Restorative Thinking...

The concept of restorative justice has inspired many criminologists, theoreticians, lawyers, practitioners, policy makers and campaigners to define and understand it. There are probably more definitions on restorative justice than any other notion within the field of criminology. And yet, ask victims, offenders, the public or senior politicians and decision makers and they will most certaintly say that they have never heard the term.

RJ4All was established in response to a lack of unity and consistency in restorative justice practice and research worldwide. RJ4all believes that despite volumes of writings in the area, restorative justice remains distant and misunderstood by the public and professionals. In order to deliver the highest-quality services and academia, a cohesive approach, incorporating creative and accessible materials is necessary.

RJ4All was therefore set-up as a medium to share resources without a profit motive, with a genuine mission to pool and develop our collective knowledge.

Although the site is run by a small group of volunteers, we are reliant on contributions and suggestions from the wider public and practitioners with expertise in the area.We therefore welcome submissions of any material and feedback about the resources currently available. There is also an RJ wiki, which can be edited by any member and will provide a clear overview of RJ. As a free, user-defined, collective site, we believe we can increase public awareness and create a cohesive understanding of restorative justice. For any comments, suggestions or questions email

Please help us keep RJ4All alive!