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About RJ4All

Restorative Justice for all (RJ4All) is a UK-based international institute that generates and disseminates knowledge on restorative justice, while providing capacity building, research evaluation and advice to governments, organisations and individuals on restorative justice.

The RJ4All website and concept was founded by Dr. Theo Gavrielides and the Institute's founders and co-Directors are Professors Gavrielides and Artinopoulou.

The aims of that Institute are to:

  • increase public awareness of restorative justice and address misconceptions about its potential and pitfalls
  • carry out evaluations and research on restorative justice and help build a stronger evidence base for further development
  • carry out information campaigns in the interest of communities, victims and users of the justice system
  • challenge the restorative justice movement and help build bridges between practitioners, policy makers and researchers
  • increase academic knowledge and push the boundaries of restorative justice especially in the areas of domestic violence, sexual abuse and hate crimes
  • bring people together to network and share best practice
  • make restorative justice more accessible to junior researchers, students, practitioners, policy makers, the public and the media
  • disseminate key events and news that are of international, regional and local interest
  • influence international, regional and local policy, legislation and practice
  • provide expert and independent advice on restorative justice.

RJ4All is a joint international initiative, which works with a number of associates from around the world to deliver its mission. To join as an associate of RJ4All please visit this page

The key features of the RJ4All website are:

There are no charges for using the RJ4All website. To enable us to monitor usage of RJ4All and evaluate its impact and contribution, membership to the website is required.

RJ4All is a non-profit initiative. RJ4All relies on charitable funds and the donations of its users. If you find RJ4All useful, then please help us keep it live by donating.