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Current Challenges for Psychology and Law


The International Conference on Psychology & Law will be held in Nuremberg on 4-7 August 2015. The conference is organised by the European Association of Psychology and Law to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of EAPL that was launched in Nuremberg in 1990. During the conference a joint meeting with the American Psychology & Law Society (AP & LS) and the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry and Psychology of Law (ANZAPPL) will aslo take place.

The keynote addresses include:

  • Raymond R. Corrado (Canada): Psychopathy and risk assessment
  • David P. Farrington (UK): Psychological contributions to the explanation and prevention of offending
  • Rolf Loeber (USA): Recent research on the transition from juvenile to young adult offending
  • William Marshall (Canada): Effective elements of sexual offender treatment
  • Reinhard Merkel (Germany): Neuroimaging and criminal law
  • Christiane Spiel (Austria): Violence prevention in school – experiences from a national strategy
  • Renate Volbert (Germany): Detection of deception

The deadline for abstract submissions is 19 April 2015.

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4-7 August 2015
Host Organisation: 
European Association of Psychology and Law
Nuremberg, Germany