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Khulisa UK

Simon Fulford, Chief Executive, Khulisa UK

Simon is a charity professional, an award-winning photographer and educator whose work is rooted in a belief of empowering under-served communities in innovative ways. From 1992-2004 he lived in New York City where he co-founded and directed Art Start, a grass-roots arts-education organization serving socially-excluded youth.  In 1997 they received a President's Service Award from President Clinton.

As a photographer he worked in the disabled community on advocacy, self-empowerment and political campaigns and initiatives. Clients included several state and federal government departments, voluntary sector organizations and universities. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Returning to England in 2005 he project managed the launch of the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive (NDACA) before joining The Prince’s Trust where he spent 3+ years as South East Regional Director. Simon joined Khulisa in 2010 as the first UK Chief Executive, establishing a firm base of operations and doubling its income and staffing cohort within 18 months.   Khulisa now has an annual income of over £400,000 with programme delivery in London, Manchester and South West England. 

Simon developed Khulisa’s key partnerships with the Home Office, NOMS, HMPS and Sodexo Justice Services along with dozens of community-based and volunteer-driven referral organisations.  More recently Khulisa has been one of the early adopters/embracers of the Greater London Authority’s Project Oracle: Youth Evidence Hub.

Khulisa is now a founding Advisory Committee member of the Centre for Justice Innovation, a Centre for Social Justice Alliance member, Board member on the 99% Campaign and Ambassador for Make Justice Work.

Simon has been a trustee of numerous charities and currently sits on the board of Shape and the Midi Music Company as well as being Co Chair of the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive. 

Simon was born in the US to English parents, raised mostly in France and went to Wesleyan University in Connecticut, USA, where he gained a BA in Sociology with additional concentrations in photography and dance. He is fluent in French and married with three sons. 

"As an Associate of RJ4All, I feel that Khulisa has both a great deal to offer this initiative and its partners as well as gain a huge amount, develop stronger partnerships and, in the ethos of “Ubuntu” ensure that the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts."

Khulisa UK

Khulisa, “to nurture” in Zulu, is a small, highly effective and versatile organisation fighting crime and the causes of crime.  We offer unique, powerful, creative behaviour-change programmes to offenders and those at-risk of crime, violence and victimisation. We also provide mentoring and through-the-gate resettlement support along with targeted youth programmes.

Social development has entered a phase where global trends are just as important as local solutions, and Khulisa brings new dynamism and unique models of social impact to this field.  Having originated in South Africa, programmes tested in the extremely fragile and challenging social/financial environment there have provided an innovative and effective solution to addressing crime and violence here in the UK.  We draw on the rich heritage and learning of our sister charity, Khulisa Social Solutions of South Africa, who have a 16-year track record at the forefront of restorative justice, youth diversion and community development, impacting over one million people. They received a United Nations Office of Drugs & Crime Award in 2006 for being a “best-practice model [of] ‘transformational social impact”.  Our UK work has been adapted from their experience in some of South Africa’s most violent and disadvantaged prisons and communities. 

In the UK we are a recognised innovator in and positive contributor to the criminal justice sector, acting as an Advisor to the Centre for Justice Innovation, a Centre for Social Justice Alliance Member and regularly sharing information and ideas with Clinks, the Criminal Justice Alliance, Prisoner Action Net, the Ministry of Justice and the Cabinet Office amongst others. We were early adopters of the Greater London Authority’s Project Oracle Youth Evidence Hub framework. 

Having firmly established our rehabilitation and mentoring programmes here in the UK, are next phase of development will be to draw on the highly successful model of community-led restorative justice developed in South Africa, adapt and implement it here successfully in the UK and Europe.