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Restorative Justice Extending Empathy Workshop

Professor Lorraine Gamman (University of the Arts, London), Professor Robin Bryant (Law & Criminal Justice, Canterbury Christ Church University) and Michael Kearns (Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, Associate of the RJ4all Research Group) organized this project which aims to foster better understanding of empathetic processes and how creative practitioners deliver them. It will bring together empathetic tools from Participatory Design, Performance and Restorative Justice (RJ) to build and develop the capacity of researchers and practitioners alike.

This will be done through a series of 3 workshops with researchers from Central Saint Martins (CSM), Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) and diverse project partners including the National Alliance for Arts in Criminal Justice, the Designing Out Crime Association (DOCA) and the Royal College of Art 'Culture + Conflict' research initiative plus invited international collaborators. All project partners will be asked to share tools, techniques, case studies and ideas about what constitutes best practice in the field and to raise questions about 3 primary aims, as follows:

  1. To develop and build connectivity, creating new visions as well as identifying new challenges and opportunities across diverse social groups linked to identification of tools and techniques that can help build empathy.
  2.  To develop and build both operational and innovative capacity (Ekblom 2008)
  3. To create Advisory and Dissemination Groups to ensure the legacy of the project has lasting impact, linked to careful consideration of entrepreneurial models to network partners, in finding new ways to meet social justice goals.

For the purposes of the first aim of the project 3 different creative communities linked to the 3 different subject disciplines (Design, Performance and RJ) will gather together during 3 workshops and related disseminating activities, aimed at connecting diverse insights, agendas, assets and activities about empathy building.

The first Workshop will take place on 12th January 2015 at The Old Sessions House Canterbury Christ Church University North Homes Road, Canterbury CT1 1QU. This workshop will provide the opportunity to bring together academic researchers from the RJ, Theatre and Design professions who are concerned in their existing practice with building empathy. How empathy is built by each profession and the methods they use are likely to be the subject of a lively discipline exchange. The overarching themes will be linked to knowledge exchange and introducing new perspectives on how EMPATHY might work better in the criminal justice system and how subject disciplines can learn from each other.

RJ4all Co-Founders and Co-Directors Prof Theo Gavrielides and Prof Vasso Artinopoulou will be representing the Institution during the workshop delivering a presentation regarding the “Global Picture of Empathy and Restorative Justice” and participating in the advisory board of the Network respectively. 

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Future events future events will be held on 22nd April (Workshop 2) and 8th July 2015 (Workshop 3) Central Saint Martins, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square London N1C 4AA


Professor Lorraine Gamman (Principal Investigator) is Professor of Design at Central Saint Martins. She is founder and Director of the award-winning Design Against Crime Research Centre at University of the Arts London, as well as Visiting Professor with the Designing Out Crime Research Centre at the University of Technology, Sydney

Professor Robin Bryant (Co-Investigator) is responsible for directing research and knowledge exchange for the School of Law and Criminal Justice Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University. He designed one of the first ‘Intelligence-led policing’ undergraduate degrees in the UK and subsequently established and led a new department. Robin has published widely on policing, criminal investigation and digital crime and has recently completed research into RJ in prisons (funded by the Nuffield Foundation).

Michael Kearns (Co-Investigator) has 12 years experience developing restorative approaches in youth justice, education and social care while working with young offenders, victims and excluded pupils. He has been an innovator in creating positive responses for investigating domestic violence, racial and homophobic crimes to deliver quality services for marginalised groups. He is an experienced restorative justice practice facilitator. He is also an associate tutor at Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, as well as an Associate of the RJ4all Research Group.


1. Sir Ian Johnston CBE, QPM, DL Formerly Chief Constable of British Transport Police, Assistant Commissioner of the MPS and latterly Director of Security of the Olympic Games

2. Jonathan Martin Principal, Drama Centre London and Director, Drama and Performance Programme, Central Saint Martins

3. Anton Shelupanov Associate Director for Innovation and Project Development, Centre for Justice Innovation

4. Jessica Plant Manager, National Alliance for Arts in Criminal Justice

5. Louise Pulford Director, Social Innovation Exchange

6. Professor Vasso Artinopoulou Co-Director, Restorative Justice for All Editor in Chief of the Internet Journal of Restorative Justice

12th January 2015
Host Organisation: 
Extending Empathy Network
The Old Sessions House Canterbury Christ Church University North Homes Road, Canterbury CT1 1QU