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RJ4All Publications

RJ4All Publications is an independent, small publisher specialising in research and policy on restorative justice, criminal justice and rights. RJ4All Publications is a private, non-profit enterprise owned by Dr. Theo Gavrielides. It is supported by Restorative Justice for All, which uses it as vehicle for publishing its research. Authors interested in publishing their work with RJ4All Publications should get in touch with Dr. Gavrielides.

RJ4All Publications is the publisher of the peer reviewed Internet Journal of Restorative Justice (IJRJ).

RJ4All Publications and the IJRJ are fully committed to ethical publication practice. You may read and download the RJ4All Publications Ethics Guidelines here.

RJ4All Publications adheres to the Code of Conduct for Journal Editors.

By buying our publications you support our non profit causes. None of our services are profit making.  Postage is based on Royal Mail prices  



The Wind of Change: Comparative lessons for restorative justice in South Africa and the UK

Gavrielides, T. and Loseby, G. (2014)

Reconstructing Restorative Justice Philosophy


Gavrielides, T. and Artinopoulou, V. (2013)

Evaluating Social Action for Rehabilitation

Gavrielides, T. Ntziadima, A. and Gouseti, I (2015)

Internet Journal of Restorative Justice

Gavrielides, T. (2017). 25 Restorative Justice case studies, RJ4All Publications: London. ISBN: 978-1-907641-41-1.