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The use and effectiveness of restorative justice in criminal justice systems following child sexual abuse or comparable harms


An international literature review about "the research evidence on the use, justification and effectiveness of restorative justice approaches in relation to child sexual abuse, and any problems or concerns arising", focusing on RJ approaches used within criminal justice systems.

Evaluating Social Action for Rehabilitation


Final report of the research program “Evaluating Social Action for Rehabilitation”, a two year evaluation of Khulisa’s intervention programmes, written by Theo Gavrielides, Andriana Ntziadima & Ioanna Gouseti. 

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Victims of crime in the EU: the extent and nature of support for victims


This research report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) examines victim support provision across the EU Member States.

Restorative Justice’s Impact on Participants’ Psychological and Physical Health


Research on restorative justice has cited many positive benefits for participants. For example, restorative justice processes are satisfying to both victims and offenders. However, despite references made to positive impacts on participants’ well-being, few studies specifically examine the impact of restorative justice processes on participants’ psychological health and physical health using specific health indicators. This study utilized a quasi-experimental, repeated-measures design to assess changes in psychological and physical health in 92 participants (50 victims and 42 offenders) who experienced a restorative justice process. Results indicated that the majority of participants did experience positive changes from pre-program to post-program. Future research directions and limitations are discussed.

Evaluation report by Rugge, Tanya A and Scott, Terri-Lynne

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Restorative Justice in Cases of Domestic Violence: Comparative Report


Comparative report of the 2-year EU-funded research and policy project Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence: Best practice examples between increasing mutual understanding and awareness of specific protection needs. The report provides a comparative overview of the Restorative Justice in cases of Domestic Violence in the six partner countries: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, The Netherlands, United Kingdom.  

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