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Restorative Justice videos and audio

Restoring Harmony After Murder (Interview with Brenda Morrison)

Brenda Morrison, the Director of the Centre for Restorative Justice in the School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University discusses the importance of restoring harmony after a murder.  

Stockport Cycloan Project

The ‘Cycloan’ project is one of the initiatives carried out by Stockport Council to help young offenders pay back their debt to society and to encourage new skills and confidence to help prevent reoffending. Young offenders are given the chance to repair bicycles recovered by the police and to engage in positive activities.

In This Together

Young offenders from Stockport Youth Offending Service took part in making a short film to express how productive completing reparation (Payback) can be and how these activities are linked to reducing offending behaviour and engaging in valuable volunteering opportunities

Restorative Justice on the Rise - Radio interview with Dr Theo Gavrielides

This radio interview is from the 28th February 2013 edition of Restorative Justice on the Rise, hosted by The Peace Alliance (USA). 

The show features an in-depth interview with IARS founder and director Dr Theo Gavrielides concerning the rising profile of restorative justice and changing perceptions of the criminal justice system.

2012 Colorado Restorative Justice Summit

The 2012 RJ Summit was driven by the needs and desires expressed by all of our participants.  Those who attended the Summit had the opportunity to: Engage with both front-line practitioners and renowned peacemaker, connect in meaningful ways with experienced colleagues and share practical solutions as part of a large learning community learn more about the use of restorative justice principles and practices and their application in the judicial system, schools, and community.


What is Restorative Justice? Director of SFU's Centre for Restorative Justice explains

"Restorative justice represents a paradigm change from thinking about justice as a mechanism for social control to thinking about justice as a mechanism for social engagement," says Dr. Brenda Morrison, the director of Simon Fraser University's Centre for Restorative Justice.

Restorative Approaches at Grey Court Comprehensive and St. Richard's Primary Schools

Restorative approaches have been instrumental in transforming schools within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The Council have produced a DVD, 'Restorative approaches in action', to illustrate how two schools, Grey Court and St Richard's CE Primary, are using restorative approaches.

This introduction provides an overview of the benefits of restorative approaches, from the students and staff at both schools. 

Intertwined - Community Conflict Resolution in School

A film featuring high school students about school conflicts' alternative resolution methods and their most important principles created within Foresee Research Group's Klíma+ project. This was created as part of the MEREPS project in conjuction with IARS.

A film about creating consensus, involvement, partnership, honor, restoration, acceptance, inclusivity, community.


Restorative Justice is the LAW

The film illustrates that there are obligations and opportunities to respond restoratively at every level of the justice system and that the public interest is served when processes meet human rights obligations and satisfy sentencing objectives set out in the criminal code. It is made clear that a collective dedication to social justice, unalienable human rights and citizen participation in the legal system are as vital to implementing restorative justice as understanding our interconnectedness and creating the conditions for healing in our communities.

Brenda Morrison: Restorative Justice - George Berner TV

Dr. Brenda Morrison points out the values and pay-offs in this approach to law and order - an approach that is both ancient and very modern and progressive. 17/09/2012