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Steve Brady

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Steve Brady
Team member - blogging

Steve Brady B. App.Sc (Med.Tech.) Dip. Prof.Couns. has been married to Liliana for 31 years. They have 3 adult children, Rianna (24), Nathan (23), and Tessa (18). Sadly, their third child, Liam, died at birth, in 1996.

Steve and his family live on the Gold Coast, Australia. He enjoys gardening, Real Time Strategy computer games’, movies, and is a voracious reader. Perhaps oddly to some, he loves reading about Physics, from the cosmologically very big, to the sub-atomically very, very small.  He is a "C to B" grade handyman, and prides himself on at least having a go at various tasks. He considers his spiritual growth to be a high priority, favouring contemplative prayer, meditation, and support for others. He is also a certified HeartMath™ 1:1 provider.

As far as volunteer, casual, and full-time professional experience goes, he has enjoyed a wide variety of roles: clothing retail, Ambulance First Responder, Medical Scientist, working mainly in Microbiology and Haematology, though as a night-time "on-call" scientist, he was proficient across many pathology departments. Fulfilling an innate desire to work more closely with people, he pursued training, and then placement, as a Church Pastor. Prior to graduating, he worked part-time for the Queensland State Government as a Youth Resource Worker. After a period of ill-health, he decided to study for a Professional Counselling qualification. After graduating he was fortunate to gain the role of Senior Counsellor for a Family Support Centre. It was here that he learned key administration and management skills, consolidated his Counselling training, especially in gaining rapport with clients, and developing essential micro skills.

From 1999, he worked at St Andrews Lutheran College as College Counsellor for about 15 years. During this time, he received training, and developed a reputation for his skills in, and advocacy for, Restorative Justice. During the years 2008-2010 he was seconded by the Secretariat of Lutheran Education Queensland, for two days per week to work with 23 Queensland Lutheran Education campuses, whose Principals wanted to re-examine intentionally building restorative cultures in their schools, revise behavioural management policies that were solely punitive, and consequently request Restorative Justice training for teaching staff. Following this secondment, he continued to support schools with difficult conflict issues, critical incident issues, and Policy reviews.

Unfortunately, due to a chronic injury, he resigned from his College Counsellor role in late 2016, under medical advice.

He was delighted to attend the 3rd International Symposium on Restorative Justice in 2016. Following on from this event, he continues to support the ethos and goals of RJ4ALL by blogging (pro bono) and implementing a Social Media strategy across several social media platforms. He also blogs (pro bono) independently via “Steve Brady Consulting”, which has RJ4ALL Associate status However, even in this capacity his blogs cover issues pertinent to RJ4All and issues raised by Dr Theo Gavrielides’ blogs. He is also a contributing writer (pro bono) for The Trauma-Informed Law Project, that is based in Toronto, Canada.

Steve considers his focus and skill set to be most suited to Restorative Justice Facilitation, Training and Writing. He also highly values “life-long learning” and in this regard, enjoys reading widely in the fields of Restorative Justice, Neurophysiology, Cosmology, Quantum Physics, Social Theory, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Psychology, Group Dynamics, History, and Spirituality. He is an integrative, systems thinker and believes that the application of cross-disciplinary knowledge and praxis is crucial to RJ development and implementation.

He feels delighted, grateful, and honoured to be a member of the RJ4ALL team.


Non-academic, not formally published:

  • Lessons along the Way” – a paper presented at “The 3rd International Symposium on Restorative Justice”, RJ4All Institute - Greece
  • “Restorative Practices Handbook for Staff” – Lutheran Education Queensland, Australia
  • Relational Management flowchart – Lutheran Education Queensland, Australia
  • “Fighting Manual for Year 10’s” – St Andrews Lutheran College
  • “Fighting Manual for Year 9’s” - St Andrews Lutheran College
  • “Fighting Manual for Support Staff” - St Andrews Lutheran College
  • Presentation: “The Relational Management Project” – Independent Schools Queensland – Student Well-being Conference
  • Presentation: “Weaving Restorative Practices into Lutheran School Communities” – Australian Conference on Lutheran Education – Melbourne, Australia
  • Magazine Article – “Laura and Niki” – The Lutheran
  • Explanatory Leaflet – Co-author – “Restorative Practices at St Andrews Lutheran College”
  • Policy Document – Co-author – “Restorative Practices Policy”
  • Presentation: “Introduction to Restorative Practices” – Queensland Lutheran Pastors Conference
  • Blog: “Hand me my lever…quickly!
  • Blog: “Your most important client – You!”
  • Blog: “I became that naughty boy”