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Prof. Vasso Artinopoulou
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences
Founder & Co-Director

Dr. Vasso Artinopoulou is Professor of Criminology in the Sociology Department of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Athens, Greece) where she was  Vice Rector of the University from  2009-2011. She teaches the  courses on Family violence, Victimology, and Restorative justice.  She is also the founder and  Director of the 'Restorative Justice and Mediation Centre'', a university Laboratory at Panteion University. 


Prof. Artinopoulou is actively participating in many national, European and International organizations, working groups, and research projects. She is an individual expert of the Research Executive Agency (REA) of the European Commission in the fields of justice and security. Member of the European Preparatory Law Committees (DROITPEN). Currently, she is the Head of the Crime and Criminal Justice Unit and the Gender Issues Unit in European Public Law Organisation (EPLO, EU) (since 2012); Head of the Central Scientific Committee against Bullying in the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Head of the Working Group on Community Prevention Councils at the Hellenic Ministry for Citizens Protection, Vice President of Board of the ‘Organization against Drugs’, Ministry of Health (Greece) (since 2009); Member of Empowerment and Equity for Diverse Communities Thematic Working Group of Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development, LJD, The World Bank, Washington DC, USA (2012-); Program Scientific Advisor and Internal Program Evaluator of the EU Program ‘The 3E Model for a Restorative Justice Strategy in Europe’ (JUST/2010/JPEN/AG/1534) large scale program (15 EU partners) (2011-). She is the founder and scientific director of the Hellenic Social Mediation Center.  President of Board at the ‘Central Scientific Prison Board’ Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights (2009-2011); Member of Legislative Committee for the assessment and treatment of victims of child sexual abuse, Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, Greece (2010); President of Board at Research Center for Gender Issues (KETHI), 2001-2004; National Representative of Greece at the European Observatory for School Violence (founding member) (2000).

Prof. Artinopoulou is the Editor in chief of the Peer Review Journal ‘Internet Journal of Restorative Justice’, London, UK (2013-), Member of the International Editorial Board of The International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare (ISSN: 2056=4902 (2014-), Member of the Board of the Journal of Asian Development.  


Dr. Artinopoulou has carried out research on violence (women’s and children abuse), victimology, gender equality and sexual harassment at workplaces, juvenile delinquency, restorative justice, social mediation, and school violence. She has organized several conferences, such as the International Symposia on Restorative Justice.  Prof. Artinopoulou is the author of nine books, many peer review papers, and book chapters in English, French and Greek language.


PhD Thesis

1. (1994). Contribution to the study of father-daughter incest. A criminological perspective. Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.


Books (Published )

2. (1995), Artinopoulou, V. Incest. Theoretical Perspectives and Research Findings. Nomiki Bibiothiki Publications, Athens . (in Greek)

3. (1996) Artinopoulou, V. & Maganas A. Victimology and Aspects of Victimization. Nomiki Bibliothiki Publications, Athens. (in Greek)

4. (2000) Artinopoulou, V. New social movements. A criminological perspective. Nomiki Bibliothiki Publications, Athens. (in Greek)

5. (2001) Artinopoulou, V. School Violence: Research and Policies in Europe. Metaihmio Publications, Athens (in Greek)

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7. (2006) Artinopoulou, V. Domestic Violence against women. Nomiki Bibliothiki Publications, Athens (in Greek)

8. (2010) Artinopoulou, V. School Mediation: Training pupils in dealing with violence and bullying. Nomiki Bibliothiki Publications, Athens. (in Greek)

9. (2010) Artinopoulou, V. Restorative Justice. A challenge for criminal justice systems. Nomiki Bibliothiki Publications. Athens. (in Greek)

10. (2013) Artinopoulou, V. & Gavrielides, Th. (eds) Reconstructing the Restorative Justice Philosophy, Ashgate Publishing.


Papers in peer review Journals, book chapters and volumes (indicatively cited):


1. Artinopoulou, V (2015) Restorative Justice and Psychology: Positivism in criminology again? A few Theoretical Reflections. In Gavrielides, Th (edThe Psychology of Restorative Justice: Managing the Power Within. Farnham: Ashgate Publishing (ISBN  978-1-4724-5530-7, publication date: December 2015).

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